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Avoid a Nasty Spring Surprise: Take Care of Your Pool in the Off-Season

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You probably don’t want to think about your pool having an off-season.

Unfortunately, winter arrives and your pool will lie dormant.

It may be tempting to go with the whole “out of sight, out of mind” mentality when it comes to the pool, but the truth is, it needs winter maintenance in order to be ready for the following summer season.

Here’s what you need to do to take care of your pool during the off-season.

Add an algaecide

On the last day of summer swimming, wipe your tears and add an algaecide to the water.

You’ll need to let the pump circulate it through the water for 24 hours to be sure that it’s thoroughly incorporated.

Ask your pool supply professional to recommend a product that lasts for as long as possible.

The longer it lasts, the easier it will be to get the pool cleaned and ready for the next summer.

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Prevent freezing equipment

Drain the water from the pool’s heater, pump and filter.

If they aren’t drained and freezing temps hit, you’ll have cracked equipment that will cost you a pretty penny to fix or replace.

You should also drain the water until the level is between four and six inches below the pool’s skimmer – IF you use a mesh winter cover.

However, if you use a stronger cover, you will not have to drain the hot tub.

Care for the cover

First of all, it’s vitally important that the pool remains tightly covered for the off-season.

It’s a safety issue for children and it will also prevent critters from attempting to go for a mid-winter swim.

The cover itself needs to be cleaned off periodically in order to get rid of leaves, branches, dirt and other debris.

If stagnant water collects on the cover, it can potentially end up in the pool when the cover is removed and that’s just gross!

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Give it a little dose of chlorine

When it’s the last call for pool season, it’s a good idea to add a bit of chlorine to the pool. It’ll help the water to stay clearer over the winter and make opening the next summer easier.

Don’t overdo it, though! Too much chlorine can bleach your pool liner.

When the water thaws in the spring, lift up a corner of the cover and add one or two gallons more of chlorine.

You may want your professional pool service to do this for you to make sure the amounts are correct for the size of your pool.

Periodically check the water level

Once a month, take a peek at the level of your water.

Even a tiny leak in the liner can result in the loss of a lot of water!

Add an enzyme

Even though your pump isn’t running, you can still add an enzyme that will break down any contaminants that may get into the water during the off-season.

Think bird droppings, pollen and anything “left-over” from summer swimmers!

An added bonus to an enzyme is that it can prevent a waterline ring that you’d have to spend time scrubbing when you opened the pool again.

Consider the weather

If you’ve had a rainy fall, your off-season chemicals may have been diluted.

Add some more to be safe before the freezing temperatures arrive.

Schedule an early opening

The longer your pool is under wraps, the more chance there is for bacteria and algae to grow.

This is especially true if you wait until the weather starts warming up before you open the pool.

Take the cover off and begin your summer prep early in order to avoid a science-experiment-gone-wrong in your pool.

Summer always returns

The gray days of winter can make you feel like the summer won’t ever come back.

Don’t worry – it will!

When it does, your job will be much easier if you’ve followed these tips and tricks for winter pool maintenance.

Will you be opening your pool up earlier than usual next spring?

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